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The website provides link shortener for online marketing, it is free and will always be free

Development and service concept

Start Developed for shortening document links for sharing and sharing online through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive and others. Later there was a need to use more link shortening. starting from a group of customers who use the service ivomaker software ( online document management software ) The development team has opened a link shortening system for general users. Free of charge

Why shorten the link !

  • Makes the display more concise and beautifully formatted
  • Reduces the number of characters. On an advertising space with a limited number of characters
  • Fixed the problem of unable to post links. or the link doesn't work on some websites.
  • Support Thai links and None-Latin languages


We focus on developing for the best benefit of users. Both publishers and consumers (website users), we pay attention to the safety of use. user protection forwarding speed under usage without any hidden charges.

Rename the link.

Give your new link a descriptive name. under your brand.

Not expired

The link never expires. no limit works forever.


Fast to load, protected, safe, no spam.

Free 100%

100% free link shortening service, confident that there are no hidden costs.

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