Collection of frequently asked questions about using ShortURL.asia shorteners. Free link shortening serviceCollection of frequently asked questions about using ShortURL.asia shorteners. Free link shortening service

The reason why your shortened link is not showing in your recent list. may be caused by you Or someone else has already shortened the link before cause the owner of the link may not be you We suggest you Members or Login before shortening the link to keep your link permanently in the membership system

shortened links shorturl.asia The expiration date is not specified. In case of missing links or not working The link may be wrong Terms and Conditions.

ShortURL.asia Link shortening service under the domain name Unlimited use There is no limit on the expiration time of the link. and is forwarded to the destination site which the service user specifies while using the software The format of the link or url is shortur.asia/destination website code. And also includes other small software such as loan calculations. Calculate the distance between days Check the format of the ID number, articles, free photos, etc.

Start from having your own prototype link. that may be too long want to shorten but still have the same destination website Go to the home page https://www.shorturl.asia paste the url you want to shorten in the first box. Press the Shorten button and get the shortened url in the next box. For details on how to shorten a link, see How to shorten the link

ShortURL.asia website is software Which is open for service 100% free of charge, including other software within the website, QR Code images, etc. Users can use it immediately. Without any worries, activation is free. is to support the work in the online world of every profession

When using link shortener with ShortURL.asia Your link will not be revealed to anyone, safe, fast loading and going to the destination URL, no delay, the link will not expire. Links displayed within our website only you can see and only you can forward or share the link with others If you are not a member with us We will only remember your link temporarily. archiving links We recommend signing up.

You can contact us through various contact channels on the page Contact Us or through Facebook Messenger at the fan page fb.com/shorturl.asia or email [email protected]